Why Do You Still Have Cable When You’re Frugal?

Saying goodbye to cable does not mean that you have miss out on all your favorite TV shows. You can still be frugal and watch many of your shows.


I’ve cut the cord 2 years ago and never missed cable. I find it odd to go over to friends houses with cable and watch TV. The commercials are too long and I can’t just stop the TV when I need to do something else. Having cable is like being a zombie to the cable overlords, maybe thats a little dramatic.

I’ve created a list of all the perks of cutting cable that I’ve found and you might find useful too.

Never Looked Back

To really help me cut the cord I just started to turn on my cable a lot less. I would try going days without even turning the cable box on to see how I would do. Then one day I just stop the service completely. Never looked back.

Can still get HD from the antenna and streaming boxes

You save money with cutting cable. With Netflix and Hulu Plus under $10 a month each its still a fraction of what you would pay for cable.

Living in the bigger cities mean you can get a bunch of free over the air tv shows.

Binging Out!

Having Hulu or Netflix allows you binge on your favorite TV shows. You’ll also find new shows that you might have never thought to watch. For me it was “The office”, “Community” and many more.

Hidden Gems

Some networks like Hulu and Amazon instant video have even created their own shows that actually good. Like the “wrong mans” and the beta show on amazon. These are shows you can’t get through cable and they’re much better than most of the stuff that airs now.

Sports Fans

Worried about losing cable for the ESPN? ESPN has moved most of its content over to the internet side but my fix is simply go to the bar with friends to watch the game. The best part is that I don’t have to clean up after myself or others when I’m done.


Usually takes a month to break the cable addiction. Its sounds funny to say that its addiction but it really is. Not having to work my schedule around when my shows come on is great freedom. You get use to the new life style and actually will love the freedom and binging on shows.

Setting to go with streaming is very easy. You have tons of options for streaming boxes such as roku, amazon fire tv, Chrome Cast, and many more.




You’ll also find that you’ll become addicted to YouTube shows. I actually prefer to get my world news from SourceFed and shows like it. The news have become highly depressing, even the weather seems depressing too.

You can even use a wireless HDMI cable and connect it to your laptop and watch tv shows that way too. Works great for watching youtube videos.

Stupid Books

I never thought I would be much on reading books. I actually hated reading books especially when schools made us. Never did I thought when I got older that I would find myself reading more books. Cutting cable has really lead me down to reading more books. I actually found that I like how-to books and sci-fi books the best. The lack of TV has lead me to do more searching on the internet which leads me to blogs and books on topics that I like. I’ve found that searching the internet can be just as addictive as watching TV. I guess I traded one habit for another, but at least this one is cheaper.

Not A Fan Of Commercials

One thing I do enjoy about online streaming is if there is a commercial its usually on 2 or 3 at the most and then you’re right back to the video. Some services like Netflix don’t even have commercials which does feel a little odd. The commercial use to be the “break” from TV for me but since its all streaming you can take a break anytime.

You’ll be surprised by how much free time you have when your world does not revolve around your tv shows. Cutting Cable has not only been a very frugal way to save money but a great new way to explore then hobbies and new habits.