The Best Cheap Calculator Ever!



I never thought I would ever find a calculator that I love this much! If you’re in school and taking anything math related like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, or even physics then you need to buy a TI-36X PRO ad.

best calculator for college

By the time I ever got my hands on the TI 36X Pro I was finishing college off and I needed a calculator that was better than my TI-89. Yeah, you heard me right a Cheap little TI-36 is better than a expensive TI-89.

Electrical Engineering

The TI-36X Pro has got to be the best calculator for electrical engineering college students. Or really anyone who has to take physics and calculus. This calculator is usually under $30 and it does everything you’ll ever need as a engineering student.

Many places don’t allow this calculator because it can literally solve any math problem you throw at it.

It can’t plot like the TI-89 can, but I found the 36 to be a better overall calculator.

All engineering students and teachers seem to drool over the 89’s but they can be a hard pill to swallow with there price point. So if you don’t have the money for an 89 I recommend getting the 36.

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Where The 36 Shines

The place where the TI-36x Pro ad really stood out for me was in Calculus. This has got to be one of the greatest calculators for beginner level Calculus. You can solve derivatives like its nothing.

Don’t let this calculator do all the work. Most colleges will still require you to show your work so don’t think you can squeeze by without learning. Think of this calculator as something to check your answers with.

ti 36 buttons solvers math

If you use this calculator for Algebra then it will be overkill. It has a solver built in, but make sure to learn the algebra first.

This is whats great about this calculator. It works perfect for people who have taken all the lower math classes but want to make sure they don’t slip up on the simpler math questions while working on a more complex equation.

Having the TI 36X Pro is a very sound idea. Its much cheaper then the TI 89 and in my opinion a better calculator at a fraction of the price.