Save Money on Trash Bags with Cardboard Boxes

Being Frugal with Trash Bags

I’ve always wondered how do you throw away a trash can? 


I really don’t remember why or how I came up with the idea to use a cardboard box as a way to store my trash. I wasn’t even paying for the trash bags to begin with but since I was raised to be cheap and frugal I insisted to carry on with my frugal ways.

I know the right thing to do is to recycle the cardboard boxes so that we can save the environment but I feel like setting a few boxes to the side and using them instead of plastic bags is got to me be more environmentally friendly.

Where I work at we get in countless number of boxes everyday and we also get countless number of trash bags also. One day it hit me, why not put my trash in a cardboard box? 

I know the idea sounds stupid and simple but how many people actually go ahead with it?

What’s the point of buying trash bags if you’re just going to throw them away? It like throwing money away when you there exist a free and better option.

Many business have a lot of cardboard boxes that they don’t know what to do with. So why not use some of your boxes as a trash bag or better yet as a trash can and when you’re done with it just throw it all away.

Using the Cardboard box as a trashcan is also a great way to keep smells down since you’re throwing the trash can away each time. You know how trashcans get over time, even though you use a trash bag the trashcan still somehow gets dirty and smelly.

You won’t save a fortune but it should make your life a little easier. Makes taking out the trash less hassle since it requires less steps.