Review of Sleep Revolution Faux Leather Platform Bed

I needed a new bed that didn’t break the bank. I never really knew anything about beds, and still really don’t know much, but what I know is that I need a bed. It always feels like I’m being fooled or overcharged when I go to the mattress stores and felt like this was not the way to go this round.

I decided to jump onto Amazon to check out the different bed options that exist. I knew I wanted a King Size bed but what frame do I choose. I wanted to keep it simple and avoid the box spring way of things and started searching for Platform beds. Platform beds remove the need of a box spring and allows you to place the mattress right on the bed frame.

One of the major problems I wanted to address was the height of the bed. I’m a tall guy and I need something that doesn’t feel like I’m coming off the ground. I also wanted something nice, something that was not wood looking either. I stumbled upon this Sleep Revolution Faux Leather Platform Bed adover at Amazon.

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The pictures looked nice but with things like this you really never know if it’s going to be a good product or not. This is why I created this site and video to help you decide if this platform bed is right for you.
One of the major perks of this bed frame looking good is that the design allows you to store everything of the bed in the headboard. In the back of the bed is a zipper that allows all materials to be stored for moving which is a huge feature for apartment living. When you’re not moving I use the area to store important documents and other items I don’t want people to know about. Its like having a personal safe that is out of reach for most people. No one would check behind a headboard for money?

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Since I was trying to save money I decided to go with a Foam Mattress from Amazon. This is the mattress I went with and works best with the platform bed I got. ad