If my Bills are delivered to the Wrong Address Do I still Have to Pay?

If your bills or other forms of papers are delivered to the wrong house or mailbox does that make you still responsible for paying them? Its a great question to ask – Its not your fault that the mailman place the bill in the wrong mailbox right?

money bills due date

Actually its still your responsibility. It doesn’t matter if the letter or bill gets mailed to Pluto, you still got to pay your bills by the Due Date.

Blaming the mailman for misplacing the bill is the same as saying your dog ate your homework. You can’t get around paying your bills as you have sign up with a company and many ways exist to pay them.



What do you do?

So what do you do? First things first you should know is the due date of the bill and a number to call. What I would do first is give the issuer of the bill a call and explain the situation.

Find a way to get the money to the people who you owe. Especially if it affects your credit rating.

No one is perfect so make sure you call first and explain the reason for the late bill and see if a grace period can be allowed. Some companies will even take payments over the phone for the time being.

The biggest thing is not to panic and just give the bill company a call.


How to keep this from happening again

If your bills are notoriously late or misplaced I would find out through the company if they offer online pay. Either set up a automatic bill pay or use your Phones Calendar or Google Calendar to remind you when bills are due.





If phones and computers are not your thing then pick up a Calendar from the store and mark all days that bills are due. I’ve been known to place sticky notes on my Fridge before to remind me my Phone Bill is due on the 1st before.

Make sure you also call USPS and report Mailmen not delivering mail or delivery mail to the wrong addresses. These things happen especially if you have common last name. If you have a common last name find another way to differentiate you from your neighbors.