Frugal Teeth Whitening

I don’t know about you guys but I hate going to the dentist. Between the smells and the buzzing of air tools they use I can feel a little sick. So what is a guy to do when they need to get their teeth whiten for a frugal price? You’re probably like me and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to go somewhere you hate just to have your teeth a little whiter.


We have come up with some frugal hacks to help you get your teeth a little whiter while saving on having to go to the dentist.


I would like to start off pointing out that using whitening toothpaste and whitening mouth rinse doesn’t really get your teeth whiter. The do work great to maintain white teeth but do little to carve away the stains.


What works great is having a good electric toothbrush.  Those sonic type of toothbrushes really do remove a layer of discolor from the teeth. This won’t get your teeth super bright but does put you in the right direction and far cheaper than going to the dentist to get some over priced treatment.


By far the best way to whiten your teeth is using the Crest Whitening Strips Professional Strength found on Amazon. From my experiences whitening your teeth this way is not always the most pain free. No pain no gain!


I always try doing half of what they recommend for half as long when apply the whitening strips. Most of the time the box requires you to use the strips twice a day but I find that I stick to once a day to cut down the pain. The reason for the pain is from the whitening material soaking through the teeth to help bring out the white. You have nerves inside your teeth that interact with the whiten material that can cause some discomfort.


Using the Crest Whitening Professional Whitening Strips and using a good sonic toothbrush can help you have whiter teeth in no time at the fraction of the price the dentist would charge.