Diploma Frames Cost Too Much!

So I got my nice new Diploma and was left with a issue. I got a basic display for the diploma that kind of felt and looked cheap. I spent a fortune to obtain this diploma and to my surprise the College I attended also wanted a fortune for the diploma. Why must Diploma Frames Cost So Much?

That’s got to be a better way?

Simple Solution

A lot of people told me you can get a regular frame and it would work just fine. You must keep in mind to get a Acid-Free backing to keep the diploma from turning a nasty yellow color.

I even have some friends to create their own frames.

Don’t Forget To Do This First Diplomas1

Before you frame up the diploma that you worked so hard for you must first fight age. I know it sounds silly now, but age makes fools of us all. Try to get a high-quality scan of the diploma first before you frame it. No matter how hard you try and no matter how much you’ll spend the diploma will age and change. A digital copy is a type of guarantee for the diploma.

You can keep the digital file for longer. I would even email it to yourself so that you always have it and don’t have to worry about fire or water destroying it.

Don’t Hang Your Diploma

When I say don’t hang your diploma I don’t mean you shouldn’t hang it, but instead, you should hang the copy of it. No one but you will notice that you hung a copy of the diploma on your wall. Use the same paper or similar to the diploma and hang that instead. Keep the real diploma somewhere safe, like a fire proof safe.