The Best Money Counters You Can Buy

A money counter or currency counter is something that can save you a ton of time using. It’s also something that you should not cheap out on. When dealing with dollar bills its nice to have a machine that can count it correctly.

A wrong count of the bill can literally cost you money!

So what money counter do you buy then? That was the question we had when we needed one for our store. I’m sure many business like restaurants, stores, parks, or any cash based business needed a money counting machine.

Money counters have gotten better over the years and you can get some cheaper than you might expect. We have listed the ones we recommend and have reviewed to make buying a currency counter a little easier.

Carnation CR2 Currency Counter

The first money counter we will show is the one that we recommend the most out of them all. It’s not cheap, but its one of the best.

One thing that makes this money counter so nice is that it is a front loading instead of the cheaper models with rear loading.

The Carnation CR2 ad also has counterfeit detection too which you can turn on and off.

A little thing I’ve noticed with it is that it can handle older bills so much better many of the other machines I’ve used in the past. Also the speed at which this things works is just amazing!

When it detects a fake bill it will stop counting and allow you to remove the bad bill from the pile. This makes counting money and checking to see if its real so much easier. Time is money and the less you spend on counting it the more you can make. That is why spending this money on a good currency counter is so worth it.

You can spend a one time price on a machine to count the money and it would be cheaper and more accurate than paying Stacy or Carl to do it.

Cassida Currency Counter (5520UV)

Next up is the Cassida Currency Counter ad. A bit more affordable than the Carnation above and works pretty well for its price.

If you need a simple money counter and don’t want to spend a lot of money then this is the counter for you.

One negative we do have with this machine and it just so happens with many in its price range is that it can jam. If you can only do like 20 bills at a time or make sure the bills are perfect on the intake of the machine before you have it count.

The Cassida can detect fake bills too with its UV light and magnetic detectors. You can even have it add and do batch modes too.

So if you want it to count to 10 bills and stop it can do that. This is handy if you want to wrap up 10, 20, or 50 bills for storage or rubber band them if you don’t have the wraps.

The only feature I wished this currency counter had was the ability to determine and count each bill in a mix of other bills. Money counters in this price range don’t do this. If you do a lot with cash then getting the more expensive version that count mix batch of bills is worth it. If you’re a guy who owns a candy or drink machine then most of your bills are $1 and this machine would be perfect for you.

Royal Sovereign Electric Bill Counter

The last bill counter we found to be worth the mention is the Royal Sovereign  adRBC-4500 ad

With its big read out display and a lot easy to use buttons it really is a nice bill counter. It’s one of the easiest to use for batch counting since all the buttons are within reach and you don’t need to press a lot of them to do the simple function.

Also nice how you can count the bills by how much they are with a few press of the button. It doesn’t do mixed dominations, but can make it easy to count one at a time of group of bills.

Check out the review video too…