Frugal Bag was created because I was tired of only seeing “Frugal Mom” blogs talking about how to be Frugal. I asked myself why is there no information for the the guys wanting to be Frugal and who are not Moms? The few websites that talked about being frugal and are not mom blogs are more into retirement and really didn’t give the information someone who’s not near retirement needs.

There was a void. Where do the younger people who are not moms or retired turn to when they want to save some money? So now we have Frugal Bag. I’m not a Mom. I’m not Retired. I’m just a guy who likes to save money on things that matters to a guy like. I won’t tell you how to save money on your kids next bake sale, but I will tell you how to save money on your next tool purchase.

I hope you enjoy this site and what it has to offer you in your frugal needs.

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