A Cheap Solution To A Sleeping Problem



Sleep doesn’t come to easy to a lot of people. I often found myself waking up or having a hard to just falling to asleep.

I tried the Sleeping Pills, but it seems my body has grown use to them and now they don’t work. Not being able to sleep has really stressed me out and would affect me throughout the day. If I can’t focus because I’m tired I can’t make money at work.

Stumbled Across

One day I came across this thing called ASMR. ASMR or Autonomous sensory meridian response has really changed the way I fall asleep.

Its going to sound stupid how ASMR works. You watch a video and then you fall asleep.

Yeah. I know. You already watch TV to help you sleep, but this is very different.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve started saving money on sleeping pills and other crap out there that doesn’t work since I’ve started watching ASMR videos.

Why Does It Work

For some odd reason people can be “triggered” by certain sounds or movements that causes a person to become relax. The key to going to sleep is becoming super relaxed.

If anything ASMR videos seem to be great at getting people relaxed. A lot of the feelings you get is the same as you would get from a massage. There is even ASMR Videos of people getting a massage that will relax you.

The only downside is that not everyone will get the tingling feeling or experience the triggers. But those who can really get to relax.

The Best Part

Probably the best part is that there exist thousands of ASMR videos and a lot of them are for free on YouTube.

The worst part is that there is a of crappy ASMR videos that really don’t do nothing for anyone.

The good news is that we have complied a small list of videos we love to listen to at night to put us to sleep. To get the full effect you will need headphones.

If you’re like me then you can’t just wear any headphones to bed, as most headphones are horrible to wear in bed. I actually use this pair of headphones adthat work great for bedtime. There is actually a company that makes “bedphones ad” that are made for sleeping in.

You can use a TV or computer, but you need to make sure you have a left and right speakers to get the full effect.

I do recommend you give the ASMR videos a shot. ASMR videos will make you super relaxed that you can fall asleep. You’ll save a ton on massages because of how effective these videos can me.


ASMR Videos For Falling Asleep

I’m a huge fan of mouth sounds (trust me its good) and tapping. Here is the first video I recommend.


Check out more ASMR Sleep Videos.