8 Ways To Be Frugal In The Kitchen

There exist so many ways to be frugal in your own kitchen. I have gathered a nice list of ways I’m frugal in my own kitchen and ways for you to be frugal too.


The List

paper towels vs rags frugal1 – Avoid buying Paper Towels. Instead use cloth rags. Paper towels are meant to be thrown out and thats like throwing money out. Instead use Rags to clean up messes, plus they work better too!


2 – Use plastic bags to hold old left overs or anything organic. The plastic bags can be tied up nice and neat to lock out the smells. This keeps you from having to replace the trash bag often since the odors are contain in the bag and also keeps flies away too.


3 – Always buy in bulk! You spend more up front but it cost less in the future. I’ve been known to look for best prices online and compare them to my local stores. Most online stores actually allow you to subscribe and save. You’re going to need toilet paper so why not get a bunch of it and then have it automatically shipped to your door? Most people forget that time is an important factor and automating certain things will save you in the long run.



4 – Stop using so much soap! Just a Drop of Dish Soap is just about all you need to do dishes. The goal of soap is just to make water more watery. Its really the water doing the hard work and soap making it stronger and of course the soap kills the germs.


5 – While we’re on the topic of soap. If you keep soap in the kitchen or really anywhere in the house and you use those new foaming soap dispensers then you need to stop buying the special re-fill for them. The soap you use to re-fill a foaming soap dispenser is actually just watered down soap and you’re paying more for it. Just buy regular soap and just water it down.



6 – Save all plastic containers you get for butter, lunch meat, and other food materials. You’ll pay out the nose for simple plastic containers, but yet you can buy lunch meat that comes in the same plastic container and re-use it.


7 – Avoid using the Dish Washer. Many people will wash dishes when the dish washer isn’t even full. So I say avoid using it and instead just get some hot water going and one these scrub brushes with the soap in it and scrub. You can literally have the dish clean with just a few swipes of the brush. Doing this avoids the chore of placing the plates in the dish washer, running the dishwasher (uses electricity), and removing the dishes from the dish washer. Dish washers are quite time consuming when you really think about it.





sweet tea mix frugal8 – Make Ice Tea. Instead of buying soda or other expensive drinks buy drink mixes like Tea. For example Arizona Sweet Tea cost $2.50 per gallon at my local store. Instead I buy tea mix such as Aunt Bertie’s Sweet Brewed Tea which makes 6 gallons. The Aunt Bertie’s Tea cost $6 so it only cost me $1 a gallon instead of Arizona’s $2.50 per gallon. To be honest the Aunt Bertie’s taste better and can be fine tuned to my liking – I can add or remove how much I want to use.

If you want to be cheap you can skip the whole tea and soda thing and just drink water. Not as tasty but you’ll save quite a bit more.